How to start

To Gain the Log skill, you will need a chess table, which can be found at the community parks and library. Also you can use the logic books, the Observatory, telescope, microscope to gain Logic skill. A child sim can learn this skill If they achieve Level 10 of the Mental skill.

Levels / Rewards

Level 1 ~ By acquiring the logic skill your sim will now be able to use scientific equipment as well as logic books, chessboards and playing card games to unlock new logic skills, interactions and object.

Level 2 ~ Sim can now collect plant samples and analyse them under a microscope. sim can also discuss logic skill with other sims

Level 3 ~ Sim now has a chance to gain slightly more logic skill from Chess and Card games.

Level 4 ~ Sim can now Read intermediate logic books.

Level 5 ~ Sim can now collect fossil samples and analyse them under a microscope

Level 6 ~ Sim now has a chance to gain even larger amounts of logic skill from interactions.

Level 7 ~ Sim can now read advanced logic books.

Level 8 ~ Sim can now collect crystal samples and analyse them under a microscope. sim can also provide logical solutions to stressed sims.

Level 9 ~ Sim now gets an even better moodlet from chess and card game victories.

Level 10 ~ while angry sim can now rant logically to reduce anger.


Cheats / Tips / Mood

Cheats ~ stats.set_skill_level Major_Logic 10

Mood ~ Focused

Traits ~ Genius can help with this skill as being a genius will make it easier to become focused.

Aspirations ~ Renaissance Sim, Nerd Brain both call for the logic skill to complete these aspirations.

Tip ~ this skill is used in so many careers that you are likely to learn it at some point.

Tip ~ You can woohoo in the Observatory šŸ˜€

Tip ~ You can make money from this skill by getting collectables from the observatory and microscope.

For more:-

For more guides and tutorials check out the home page and for more videos on all things sims related check my Youtube channel, where you can Find the through the ages original challenge, tutorials/guides, sims 4 short clips of the sims 4, as well as live streams every Monday and Wednesday.


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