How to start

Knitting is primarily tied to the Yarn basket. Sim must have Yarn basket in their inventory to start knitting. Increasing this skill will unlock new knitting recipes, both clothing and objects.

Levels / Rewards

Level 1 ~ Sim’s new skill in Knitting will allow sim to create amazing stitched artwork. The higher the skill level, the more knittable he can knit.

Level 2 ~ Sim can now knit socks. A sock is something you wear on your foot, with or without a shoe. How delightful!

Level 3 ~ Sim can now knit furnishings. Mailboxes with cozies & plant holders for everyone… huzzah!

Level 4 ~ Sim can now knit rugs, rugs are big flat things that go on the floor! But then you knew that already…

Level 5 ~ Sim is feeling confident in their skills & can now knit the ultimate gift – Sweaters! Teach to knit is now available so that Sim can pass along their knowledge to other sims.

Level 6 ~ Sim can now knit Poufs. What is a Pouf? knit one & find out!

Level 7 ~ Sim can now knit decorations. Cacti, turtles & octopi, oh my! The CUTEST item in the game!

Level 8 ~ Sim can now knit toddler onesies & baby Onesies. It’s important to keep the little one warm.

Level 9 ~ Sim can knit the sweater scarf combos or as we like to call them “scwarfs”!

Level 10 ~ Sim has mastered knitting & has become one with the yarn. Sim can now knit child toys & mentor other sims in knitting to help them improve their skills faster.

Cheat / Tips / Mood

Cheat ~ stats.set_skill_level AdultMajor_Knitting 10

Mood ~ Inspired

Traits ~ There are no traits directly linked to the knitting skill however creative may help.

Aspiration ~ Lady of the Knits

Tips ~ Items you add to the wardrobe will be able to be used by sims in your household only, I don’t know if this stands for when the sim who crafted dies, if the items are still available, I will update when I find out.

Tips ~ You can make money from this skill and sell items multiple ways, sell items on plopsy, drag to sell from sims inventory or sell on the market tables.

Videos / Gallery

For more:-

For more guides and tutorials check out the home page and for more videos on all things sims related check my Youtube channel, where you can Find the through the ages original challenge, tutorials/guides, sims 4 short clips of the sims 4, as well as live streams every Monday and Wednesday.


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