Rags to Riches Eco Lifestyle version

The aim of this challenge is to start with nothing, no money, scruffy clothes and no home. Through dumpster diving and woodwork and fabricator you will make a stunning home that your neglectful parents will be jealous of.

There are SIX parts to this challenge, you will end up with a small fortune, family and business. If you want a longer challenge my rags to riches legacy challenge or servo legacy challenge will be available soon.

world and challenge rules

  • Dont forget to upload all your builds and sims with the #challengeswithchar and I will put a video together with all your designs and characters. In the description add your youtube names aswell so I can shout out your channels.
  • For non story mode, start your game and create a really rough scruffy sim. Next move into the eco lifestyle neighbourhood and bulldoze the lot before you move in.
  • For story mode make a teen with 2 parents and a horrible trailer/caravan type of home run down loads of clutter. Make them hate the teen, have some arguments and fights. Age the teen up into a young adult and split them from the household with enough money to move onto the lot.
  • Get rid of your money by holding ctrl, shift and c at the same time which will bring up the cheat box. Type in ‘testingcheats on’ and ‘money 0’. Now you are ready to start dumpster diving.
  • You can NOT buy ANYTHING from the store it must all be found or made by your sim, bought in the market or retail lot, if you want to you can download shops or build shops and you can shop there, but only when you have reached certain chapters. You can bring extra realism to the game if you have grocery stores with mods but is not required. At the end of the challenge I will suggest some mods you can use, if you want to, however mods are not necessary to enjoy this challenge.
  • You will be getting food from the dumpster and using the bar to wash yourself and use the toilet. You cannot use other sims showers or toilets. You must eat food only from the dumpster or steal a portion if another sim cooks on a grill. If you steal food from sims at the bar you cannot return to the bar for 24 sim hours. Your sim is barred!!!
  • You will have to decide on which items you want to sell. For instance I played for 30mins and found 3 sinks so sinks are common however all the time I’ve played with this pack I have never found a dishwasher making that much rarer. Plus depending on where you are in the challenge it maybe some time before you need a single bed for the second bedroom. So you will have to decide if you want to keep items or sell the items.

– don’t forget about the neighbourhood voting, so that you can get the building you want for your area. As well as the community votes for neighbourhood action plans N.A.Ps

-The restrictions for this challenge are mainly in the form of items rather than money. Money is very easy to get but items need alot of work to get.

– one last thing you start by selling items on plosy and then in chapter 3 you will open a store to sell the rest. If you don’t have the required packs then just sell in you inventory.

Each time that you update and and make up deduct 100 simoleons for each chapter that it is allowed.

If you want to watch the series find it her!

Chapter one – A fresh start

Story – You have been kicked out of your parents home. You have always lived in a 1 bedroom trailer with your parents. They could not be described as good parents, they hated you and blamed you for their lack of success in life. Now you are a young adult your parents kick you out as they don’t get money for having you any more. Are you upset, a little there was at least a sofa you could sleep on. Now though you are on your own completely with no roof over your head. Life will not keep you down you will rise above this awful life and build your home from scratch. First off you need the basics.

Aim ~ Build a trailer/caravan with the essentials. Get to level 10 of the handiness skill

In this first part you are going to dumpster dive and craft alot. Dont forget to look for ingredients in dumpsters, you can plant crops straight away with what you find. Sell items on plopsy or the market place to start with then in chapter three you will build a retail lot to sell other items you have found like furniture. If you don’t have the packs that is find and you can sell straight from your inventory.

Also don’t forget to vote on community lots and neighbourhood votes. You don’t want sharing is caring while playing this challenge trust me 😆.

Heres a picture of what you want your first home 🏡 to be like. Of course you can change the style if you want but as the challenge goes on, there are different styles you will go through. You start with a trailer then upgrade to a bungalow then a two story house and so on.

Now you need to collect the items in the table.  Remember you have to repair or replace everything you find.

1 toilet1 bed1 shower
1 sink1 sofa1 counter
1 fridge

You have completed part one and have earned 10 points.

/2 trailer/caravan

/5 furniture

/3 level 10 handiness

Chapter two

Story – Getting out of bed you feel a sense of pride that you have never felt before, this is crazy you have gone from homeless to having things that are yours, you found and crafted every item in this trailer. You think maybe mum and dad would like you now. Maybe if you make it a bit better they can come live with you and they would finally like you. There’s a feeling deep down, you know they won’t but maybe just maybe…. looking down you realise you are still wearing the same clothes as you left home with and sadness washes over you.

Aim ~ upgrade the items you have as much as possible. Go on a shopping spree. Wall paper and flooring.

You have got the beginnings of a home and you want to keep your items strong, it’s time to upgrade them!  The toilet, shower, bed and fridge need to have ALL upgrades done to them. If you run out of parts you can visit the library to use the computer, then you can order parts.

Thinking about keeping things nice lets get some flooring down and some paint on the walls. You need to use buy mode for this.

Now that your basic needs are taken care of, a new outfit for every day wear, cold weather and hit weather is needed, nothing too fancy but better than ripped jeans and grey tops (your clothes at each stage should resemble your home). You can also treat yourself to a new hair cut and make-up. Buy outfits from the shop that you downloaded at the beginning. (If you can’t find a shop with items for sale check these two shops one is for males clothes the other for female, this way i could make a variety of outfits for the sims.) Why not go for a treat in a café for a job well done. After all that shopping pick up the phone and invite your bestie or become besties over a coffee or tea in a café. Deduct 100 simoleons for make up and hair styles.

Head over to a retail lot or your buy mode if you don’t have retail lots & buy or craft the items below. You can also make or buy rugs now as well but it is not necessary.

Rugs (optional)

10 points up for grabs

/2 upgrades complete

/2 for redecorating walls and d floors.

/2 shopping spree

/2 took a friend to a café

/2 new items bought

Chapter three

Story – You are now healing from your upbringing,  your making friends and a have a new look. you started off refurbishing these items and crafting new ones just to make furniture for you home, but now you want to share these amazing treasures as well as making a few simoleons for your time of course. It’s clear what the next step is, it’s time for a store!!! your also starting to get lonely what about a furry friend?

Aim – open a store get a new furry friend, have a romance.

If you don’t have the simoleons already, sell items you have crafted or found, or find/craft more items until you have enough simoleons to open one. you can build it however you want as long as you don’t cheat in the funds. No employees yet. Once a item is sold remove the sign don’t restock the item.

you can no longer sell items straight from you inventory you must sell in your store to make money from them unless you don’t have the packs required.

the store must be worth at least 5,000 simoleons. you can check this by clicking on the top left of the screen. as seen in image below.

Get a furry friend! You can make this as hard or easy as you want. you can get a rodent, cat or dog or even a dust bunny. you must buy the items for it at a retail lot, unless it’s the rodent cage that can be purchased in the buy mod.

Let’s add to that wardrobe! All outfits are available now where what you want and do your hair make accessories however you want.

It’s time to get a partner! They don’t have to live with you buy get into a relationship boyfriend or girlfriend. when partner moves in they can keep their job or you can get one for them.

10 points available in total

/2 points for opening and building a store worth at least 5,000 simoleons

/2 for buying some outfits

/4 for getting a pet

/2 get a partner

Chapter four

story – Your now at a place in your life that you want to boast to you parents about how well you are doing, but as you look around your trailer/caravan you realize a lot of work still need to go into it. a tv, an oven, simple things that even growing you didn’t really have but now realize are common household items. your imagination sparked you set to work. Let’s not forget the store though.

Side story ~ You can get married if you want.

Aim – Expand home and add new items

New items to find/craft or buy from retail lot

oventv standcoffee tablechest of draws
dinning tablechairs

New rooms unlocked you can build

kitchen/dinner Bathroom 2
lounge main bedroom
Stairsbedroom 2

10 points can be earned in total

/3 for getting new items for home

/2 expand your trailer/caravan into a house

/2 for upgrading everything that can be in your home

Chapter five

Story ~ you have a partner and you are in a really good place, take a deep breath it’s time to invite your folks over. Yes its parent time have a dinner party invite your new love and parents over. You have also been thinking about the future and the love you have to give, it’s time for a bundle of joy and tears.

Aim ~ Dinner party with your sim parents and partner.

This is completely your choice how you want the dinner party to go. You can either have a good dinner party and try to get your parents to become friends or have a family feud and have a bad dinner party. The end result will be that you will try for a baby with your partner, you realise what a supportive person he is and decide it’s time to have a baby.

All objects in game are unlocked, for realism continue shopping at stores however it is not essential.

Worth 10 points

/5 Having the dinner party

/5 for getting pregnant or adopting

chapter six

Story ~ After your dinner part with your parents you realise life is too short and that you will now be content with your new bundle of joy and a supportive partner, life is good, now you just need a big enough nest egg to support your family. Your a doting parent and want what is best for your baby, build those toddler skills, But also work on your relationship with your baby, they will NOT feel unloved and unwanted like you were.

Aim ~ have 20,000 in reserves

Your pregnant! You now need to make sure your baby is never neglected like you were, your first thoughts are money, make sure the baby has enough money!

You want your child to know they are loved and wanted (unlike you were), so get your friendship level to good friend.

You also want you bundle of energy to have the best start possible so get all toddler skills maxed out.

Worth 10 points in total

/4 have 20,000 simoleons in reserves

/2 expand house

/2 maxed skills on toddler

/2 become good friends with you toddler.

The End

Story ~ This is where our story finishes, she has a lovely home and a lovely little family, you have over come your past. However if you want the story to continue with generations the continue to build. There isn’t a lot more that can be added now. You can use all the items you want and build your home however big you want. Your store is successful if you made one.

If you want more fun challenges Then stick around on the site more is coming, Next up Generational rags to riches. Career Rags to Riches. Supernatural challenge. As well as plenty more.

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