In this challenge you will go from home to home in the sims world upgrading and filling the houses but through the eyes of your sim!

Start with moving into another sims house and through making money anyway you want (painting, woodworking, writing, getting a job literally anyway you can make money), upgrade their homes so they look good and have room to grow their families.

As well as opening a store if you have the required packs and sell furniture to buy new and better furniture. You may lose the retail lot if you move due to a bug. Until fixed you may consider selling items in the buy mode.

You can act like a love doctor as well and help them grow their families.

You can split them up like the pancakes who are complete opposites, and get them with people that will get on with, or you may chose to change their traits with potions or reward traits from the reward store.

Some options you may chose to turn on and off. Turn off story progression. Turn off aging ect.

I will have a series doing this challenge on Youtube.

You can help the other sims in the household achieve their aspirations and careers if you choose to.

Story line you could have a store with an apartment above so that you don’t need to live with the family.

To start

  • Move your chosen sim onto an empty lot
  • open a retail lot
  • make a small empty space with you cash register, make an apartment upstairs or another building and make a small living space (pictures below). This will be where you live when fixing up sims homes.
  • Keep a note how much simoleons you have because you shouldn’t need to use all their money, though there are no real rules so if you want to go for it.
  • Change options if you want
  • Auto age sims (no)
  • Auto age unplayed sims (tick off)
  • Fill empty houses (off)

This is totally optional. In fact you may find more fun in the world if it is changing. Or you may find fun in making iconic sims families better.


  • Make friends and ask to move in with them (this is how I am doing it in the Youtube series). Otherwise you the mc command centre to move sims around easily.
  • Travel to the house you want to start with and meet the family (if your making a story, make a conversation up for them, how they want to hire you, have you fix their home, how they don’t know how to achieve their aspirations or goals in life, or don’t know how to find true love. Anything you want!
  • Head over to a house you want to fix up I went to the pancakes house, It’s clear looking at their home this married couple do not share a bed. The house is ok, It’s not the worst house in the world but could still do with some changes, do we want them to stay together or make them more compatible?

I spent some time talking and getting to know Eliza before I got the option to ‘ask to join household’. I found that they had very different personalities and decided that they were going to work things out and would change their traits to be more compatible with each other, (let’s face it relationships are about compromising).

The re-traiting Potion costs 5,000 reward points, to get these complete whims and aspirations, he has the master chef aspiration, she has the mansion baron aspiration. so by completing these while I make enough to make their home more homey, lived in and welcoming, before right now it’s a stiff and lacks character. She doesn’t have a job and he is level 3 of the Culinary career. They both also dress very bland with one outfit each so lets give them a make-over (video here).

Once just Eliza’s pink bedroom now a bright and warm joint bedroom they can both be comfortable in.

Once you have got the household to a place you are happy with, head over to the next one, either by using cheats or mods like mc command centre or make friends and join households.

For more:-

For more guides and tutorials check out the home page and for more videos on all things sims related check my Youtube channel, where you can Find the through the ages original challenge, tutorials/guides, sims 4 short clips of the sims 4, as well as live streams every Monday and Wednesday.


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    1. hi if you can send me a link ill check it out and see if I also think its a good match. sorry for the late response its been summer holidays here in the uk lol, so have spent time with my kids.


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