Work in progress challenge, if you have any extra ideas comment below

A servo is created by an obsessed scientist, The sim scientist obsessed with science and only things about robots and career. sim will make the ultimate servo, get knocked up and then servo will raise baby. over the generations, your task is to keep servo going. if servo dies before the 10th generation passes you lose.

Make a Sim male or female doesn’t matter. Traits should be genius, and then choose what you want. Aspiration should be knowledge based.

The Story starts – your sim is the first of there line straight out of foster care or run away from home, they have 20,000 simoleons and find a home, they will make their life about robotics because robots have never let them down, they may break down yes but they don’t break your sims heart or leave them all alone. a well maintained robot can last generations! atleast thats what your sim is set out to make true.

Spend all your time crafting and creating robiots making them better and better, than the last. never give up keep improving those robots, make a servo and it be your sims only friend.

Servo can’t have babies and you want someone to care for your robots as much as you do.

You decide to adopt a child who will love the robots as much as you do. Servo is the key here and servo need to be installed with the nanny updates so that it can care for this child.

The child is second generation and wants to impress their new family. So becomes a scientist and continues to care for servo.

Servo must not die/break down u can have multiple but remember they take a slot in your household. Once you have completed 10 generations then you win.

If there’s anything you think I should add, scroll to bottom of the page and leave me a comment

  • 1st generation mad scientist creates servo adopt child
  • 2nd generation science lover keeps servo strong, also finds loves and has children
  • 3rd generation lives robots will keep servo going, opens a retail lot to sell toy robots ect
  • 4th generation
  • 5th generation
  • 6th generation
  • 7th generation
  • 8th generation
  • 9th generation
  • 10th generation you win once the child is a young adult and servo still lives

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  1. If you want anything added let me know and ill see if it can go in šŸ˜


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