The Interior Decorator Career is made up of gigs, by completing gigs’ you will earn promotions and will unlock more gigs. The gigs start off as room renovations, at level 3 you will unlock level renovations (this means you will re0design the whole level of the house), level 5 will unlock adding additional rooms then at level 9 you will unlock level additions (this means you will be asked to add a whole new level to the house). There are two options when you start a gig either ‘Go to Work’ or ‘Send Alone’, If you ‘Send Alone’ no work will be completed although you will gain experience for promotions and your sim will disappear into rabbit hole. If you ‘Go to Work’ then you will travel to the clients home, this is a very involved process and can take a long time though is incredibly glitchy (see below for details). Below is also listed the steps that will be needed to complete the gig.

Tip ~ You can chose to play the game and give the sims what they want or you can go around and delete everything from the homes make a mess and the sims wont really be mad. It takes a lot for them to dislike your work. I live streamed this on release night, I took a job deleted EVERYTHING in the house and placed 3 balls of yarn and 2 of the 3 sims liked the work I did.

Tip ~ Unless the gig states a pacific room then you can choose which you want

Tip ~ at level 9 you unlock ‘write interior design article’ on the computer this disappeared for me.

Tip ~ sims sometimes don’t go to the renovated room, if this doesn’t happen click on the floor and chose ‘check this out’ the clients will go there

Tip ~ during gameplay I experienced the screen going white this was mainly when entering buy mode.

Tip ~ I have heard of sims getting stuck in the roofs however I did not experience this

Tip ~ At level 8 you will be able to renovate Community lots.

Tip ~ Although no skills are needed to progress you will gain Photography and Charisma Through gameplay, on a personal note i think this is a better way of sims earning skills for their careers.

Tip ~ the is a high intensity career which will require focus and time to complete.

LevelPromotion Reward
1. Interior Colour Consultant Memory card (sims inventory)
2. Interior Design Technician£300 + Magazine collection (household inventory)
3. Space manager £485 + New CAS (overalls outfit) + Unlock level Renovations
4. Decorating Consultant£600 + Discuss latest trends (social)
5. Building Space Planner£765 + Rug (in buy mode)
6. Home Organizer£900 + New CAS (skirt)
7. Home Decorator £1,215 + New CAS (top)
8. Business Interior Designer£2,100 + Write Interior Decorator Article (computer interaction)
9. Interior Designer£2,500 + Suggest bold makeover (social) + unlock level additions (able to add whole levels to houses)
10. Certified Interior Designer£3,150 + S.I.Mac P.R.O Laptop (sims inventory)

Step by Step process

  • Once you have you job go to the career panel and click the grey icon (board with a tick on it) this will bring up the gigs. at level one only one will be available but as you do more jobs more will become available. Chose the gig you want, it will start the following day at 9am.
  • Options will pop up, ‘Go to work’ or ‘Send alone’, if you send alone they will disappear into a rabbit hole and will return at 9pm. No changes will be made to the world. If you Chose ‘Go to work’ then any changes to make to houses will be permanent.
  • ‘Go to work’ knock on the clients door (if you send them away without having knocked on door then you can’t renovate the house)
  • Talk to the clients, using job related interacts to find out their likes and dislikes
  • Send clients away
  • Take before pictures (click on the floor or click on you sim)
  • Go to buy mode and decorate (hint click on the likes for auto filters on items)
  • Take after pictures (click on the floor or click on you sim)
  • Call clients back (click on the floor or click on you sim)
  • Choose 3 before and 3 after pictures
  • Your sims will go to edge of lot and call the clients home
  • The sims will gather outside of house Click on one and chose ‘Host reveal event’ (they may or may not cover their eyes)
  • The clients should now go to the room that has been renovated (if not the go to the room click the floor and chose ‘check the out’ then they will go)
  • Now follow the event wants which are Show off 3 items, Chat 5 times with clients, then ask final verdict. This last stage may take a little time for them to decide.

For more:-

For more guides and tutorials check out the home page and for more videos on all things sims related check my Youtube channel, where you can Find the through the ages original challenge, tutorials/guides, sims 4 short clips of the sims 4, as well as live streams every Monday and Wednesday.


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