Stone age


Anglo Saxon/Vikings

Medieval 1066

Tudor 1485

Stuarts 1603

Georgian 1714

Modern eras to be continued

In this Era

In this era you will find the rules, which will include everything you should start with, cheats you may use to start and ideas that will help along the way. Further down the page you will find the goals, that include base game play as well as there being goals for different packs (don’t worry if you are missing packs move on to the next one). Then there are Events and Stories that you can play put to add a new and fun element to the game.

This challenge is designed so that you can play any way you want to, if you don’t want to do goals then do the events and stories, Don’t like events and stories then do the goals, Like both then do both. Its a flexible challenge that is near to be enjoyed.

Era rules

  • No jobs
  • Any plants you find you can harvest and grow at any time.
  • No pregnancy tests until era says you can
  • Keep children and teens out of school, do this with either mods or by cancelling them going to school.
  • Grab a chest and shelves, then as you get into the challenge you can see all your momentums and remember the stress of finding them all lol.
  • you can only try for baby or use mods that allow some sort of risky woohoo.
  • If you have bust the dust keep dust ON.
  • Add a swimming pool as that sims can get cleaned off (I have one in the gallery #historychallengCG)
  • Add a bath to the swimming pool lot for bathing dirty dogs and toddlers in (DO NOT LET YOUR SIMS BATH UNTILL CORRECT ERA)
  • Cheats to use at the beginning while building home – testingcheats on – bb.moveobjects on – motherlode
  • once home is built use the cheat – money 0 – to start the game with 0 or you could open the game with the scenario – making money – to start with §0 and to give another challenge to the game.
  • If you want to make multiple families live within your tribe, but not to be part of your household then use the roommate service, this may give your home lot more activity.
  • Sims can be spell casters but can only preform practical magic. (this can give your tribe a healer)

Lot Traits and challenges

lots traitsReasons
Private Dwelling (this will stop random sims turning up in the wrong clothing)
Great soilyou will want this for gardening
your choice
lot challengeReasons
off the gridnot electric for some time
creepy crawliescreepy crawlies would have been everywhere!!!
simple livingThis is going to stop you sims cooking on their own

lot items to start

More items unlock as time goes by once something is unlocked it will remain unlocked. However most items from island living & Outdoor retreat are within the stone age style, like the torches in lighting. Also when items like the woodworking bench are unlocked then any items you can craft are also unlocked. The main thing to think about for the stone age items is, does it fit the time period, if it does you can use it.

  1. Tent/bed
  2. bush (or toilet)
  3. Grill
  4. Pet bowl


The goals are what need to be completed before moving onto the next stage of the challenge, once completed it’s finished for instance if the goal is to have 1000 simoleons and you achieve that if you drop below that then you have still completed it. Likewise if one of your sims reaches level 10 of the fitness skill and then dies, you have skill achieved the goal.

Angling AceYou will be doing ALOT of fishing to survive!
Freelance botanistIts a hard world out there make sure you know your plants!!
Feather collectionYour Dogs will bring you presents, yes it’s annoying but hay you can complete a collection
Fishing collectionLets complete that fishing skill, all that are available in the base game.
later we will catch ones of other packs
Fishing skill Its a survival thing Eat only what you catch or Grow
GardeningLets face it your probably board of fish. make a real garden
Fitness skill It’s the stone age so it is the survival of the fittest
Handiness skillHave sims unlock the bath and toilet before moving onto the roman era.
Petshave 2 pets to help you protect your land
have at least 2 babiesget these babies to teens to complete the challenge
get a chicken coop have at least 1 Hen and 1 cockerel
Build a cabincontaining beds only, this is how early man lived

Events/stories/side quests

Side quests ~ While playing through this era I found that the goals were completed quicker than I would like and so I am adding side quests. Side quests are story’s or goals you completed with a different family in the world.

Events ~ Below are event cards that you can download and chose random ones for different events that can add spice to your game, all use a dice roll. If you do download I ask that you do not alter them and you give full credit for these events to my website. Thank you.

Bits and Pieces~ If you are playing side quests and you make a candle maker then search trash bins and you will get bits and pieces that way. However if you use the cheat ‘testingcheat on’ and then shift right click on a sim, you can find the option give bucks and get bits and pieces that way.

  • Have a female sim become a Kleptomaniac who could go to other clans and steal food.
  • Have siblings Fight and have one of them kill the other, creating the first murderer.


Side quests


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