This career has a go to work option which means you will follow your sim to an off lot building where they will have many options to do to gain job performance to get promotions. there is only 1 track to this career and does not branch off into to different directions like most sims 4 careers. Your sim will go from Cadet on joining the Detective career, and end up as a Chief at level 10 of the career. This career is one of the more challenging careers to complete.

Tip ~ Ideal mood for the career is Focused

Tip ~ when at work you can not play other sims in your household.

Tip ~ If your sim doesn’t finish the case on the same day don’t worry it will be the same one the next day.

Tip ~ there are no skills your sim has to complete however sometimes as part of the days tasks you maybe asked to exercise for 1 hour.

getting an assignment

Starting your first day at work you will need to get a case assignment when you arrive to do this go to any computer, there are several options ‘Get case assignment’ is one of them. This task will show in the top left of the screen like an event.

the first day will act as a tutorial. After finding your case assignment you will be prompted to look at the crime map which can be located in the police station, this map is your gate way to crime scenes and other off lot work events.

Crime scenes

When your sim arrives at a crime scene they will need to talk to witnesses, search for clues and investigate damaged or stolen objects.

Broken items – options ‘collect evidence sample;, ‘take evidence picture’, ‘dust for fingerprints’.

Scribbles on floor – ‘Collect evidence sample’, take evidence picture’.

Sims at scene – ‘take witness report’.

There will also be an event list of what you need to do, in this first one I need to, take crime scene pictures x3, get a report from a witness x1, and collect clues at the crime scene x5

Once you have completed the event list you will get a new item to complete which will be ‘Return to police station’ to do this click your sim for the options. Once you have left the crime scene will be cleaned and you wont be able to return.


Once you have returned to the police station your sim will need to use the chemical analyser and the computer to evaluate the evidence you found at the crime scene. there is a chance your sim will fail at first but the game should have made sure you have enough to complete the goal.

At first once you have analysed evidence you will be required to use the computer to ‘file the crime scene evidence’ so that a senior detective can take over. your just a lacky to start with.

If there appears to be no Evidence then click on the floor and there should be an option to look for clue.

Booking station

Once you have filed your evidence you can help out on the booking station.

Fingerprints the criminal sim will put their hand on the machine and it will take their finger print.

take mug shot the criminal sim will hold a plaque while your sim takes a mug shot of them.

search suspect the police officer will frisk the suspect and will pull 2 objects from their clothes.

once you have completed all 3 options the prisoner will very nicely and calmly walk themselves back into their cell.


To go into the Community you need to click on the board and go to go on patrol. this will take you to one of the lots in one of the packs you own. you need to interact with sims either being friendly or mean. Sims will littler or fight and then your sim can give a citation to them.

Issue Citations ~ just go around and click on the sims in the area and some will have done something you may not have seen, not all sims will get the option to Issue Citation too.

Crime board

The crime board is where you gather your clues that appear in the note book, gathering evidence from crime scenes, using the analyser and cross referencing evidence on the computer. The you can add the clues to the board which will then appear in your note book.


Once you have the evidence it’s time to go and collect your suspect, click on the crime board and choose put out APB this will take you to where the suspect is. there maybe multiple sims wearing similar cloths or similar ages, use things like the traits to narrow down who you are looking for.


You have collected your evidence, go on patrols, looked at crimes scenes and analysed the evidence and finally arrested your suspect! click on the interrogations table to select which criminal you want to interrogate.

Here is where you can choose what type of cop you want to be. there will be a bar at the top middle of the screen that will show how the suspect is doing. It may say Saya seems Defensive. The suspect may start the whip their brow as if sweeting from pressure. You can use all 3 options to get a confession.

Good Cop ~ There are 9 options for good cops to chose from tell a personal story to discussing the victim.

Bad Cop ~ a bad cop can ask stressful riddles, ask for bribes even intimidate the suspect. There are 11 options to chose from.

Evidence ~ the evidence has 6 different options which all involve the evidence you have collected. When showing evidence there are some new animations where the cop will show images.

Confession ~ the Bar is pull and you should have has a notification to say that the sim is looking guilty. Click on the suspect and click ‘Get Confession’. Once done the cop will take the suspect back to the cell and you will get a notification saying case closed!

End of the shift

Your sim can chose to work later or leave work earlier by clicking on the event timer. If you leave it alone then you will finish your work day at the set time.

1. Cadet§21/hour
8am – 5pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task : Actively participate in the work day of the detective 0/2Reward :
2. Officer§28/hour
8am – 5pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task : Go to a Crime Scene, Go on PatrolReward : §160, New Clothes!
3. Corporal§38/hour
9am – 6pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task : Interrogate a SuspectReward : Towel rack, metal shelf, shelf, cold steel, wall bench, mirror, sleeper, the impenetrable, §224, cell depository, door, dispenser, the impossible, the ‘don’t even try it’
4. Detective§52/hour
9am – 6pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task : Solve 1 caseReward : Window, Privacy glass, Jailbird’s Lament, Security Gate, Double door, §304
5. Senior Detective§78/hour
9am – 6pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task : Solve 2 caseReward : One -way mirror, The Attainder, §416, new clothes
6. Sargent §92/hour
9am – 6pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task : Solve 3 caseReward : Sign, Have you seen these lawbreakers, Barrier, Camera, the sim seal of solidarity and strength, pole of magnificence, §624
7. Lieutenant §123/hour
9am – 6pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task : Solve 4 caseReward : Box of files, moving box, folders, drawer, fan, table light, §736
8. Captain§150/hour
9am – 5pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task : Solve 5 caseReward : Plaque of honour, wall plaque, Carol and Hubert, interrogation illumination, lamp, up against the wall, alert light, floor light, calendar, slots-a-lot file-o-facts, §984
9. Colonel§205/hour
9am – 5pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task : Solve 6 caseReward : Seat, the sgt, justice, surface noir, file cabinet, bookshelves, file cabinet, table, file cabinet, couch, bench, §1,200
10. Chief §265/hour
9am – 5pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task : Reward : §1,640, new clothes, the regulation station, holster, crystal desk.

For more:-

For more guides and tutorials check out the home page and for more videos on all things sims related check my Youtube channel, where you can Find the through the ages original challenge, tutorials/guides, sims 4 short clips of the sims 4, as well as live streams every Monday and Wednesday.


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