What is it

The Spa Day pack offers your sims a way of relaxing at a spa with all the amenities you have in the real world. As of the new refresh update (released 09/09/2021) your sims can also enjoy their nails being painted or use facemasks to get moodlets. This pack comes with more clothes and items all pictured at the bottom of the page.

Items with interactions

Massage chair

  • Tend massage chair at level 2 Wellness skill
  • Relax
  • Request foot massage +3 happy
  • Request hand massage +3 happy
  • Request manicure +1 Happy
  • Request pedicure
  • Promote massage chair services on simstagram

Yoga mats

There are 2 types of yoga mats, one for individual use and one for instructor use. Doing yoga increases you wellness skill.

  • Poses ~ this is all the poses your sim has unlocked
  • Do a yoga routine ~ there are 4 different yoga routines that a sim can do
  • Practice yoga
  • Instructor mat Lead yoga routine
  • Instructor mat teach yoga class
  • instructor mat promote yoga class on simstagram

Face Mask

face masks can be brought from the mini dispenser. My results from trying each face mask mainly came back with the moodlet Fine (if you find any different let me know in the comments at the bottom of the page please).

  • Hydrating ~ Inspired
  • Gold ~ Happy
  • Animal ~ Fine
  • Rejuvenating ~ Fine
  • Relaxing ~ Fine
  • Sun soothing ~ Fine


Wellness Skill ~ To increase the wellness skill meditate and do yoga, I have a Wellness skill Guide already completed here.


The latest refresh update also added one new trait for this pack.

High Maintenance ~ These Sims require extra work to keep in good condition. Their problems sometimes appear trivial, and may even appear out of the blue. These struggles can be remedied through mindful habits, which puts them in a state of catharsis.


This pack since the Spa day refresh update has introduced 3 new Aspirations to this pack for existing and new owners of the pack.

Inner Peace ~ This Sim is on a quest to achieve Inner peace. Although true harmony is sometimes ephemeral, what’s important is developing tools to help mitigate negative emotions.

Zen Guru ~ This Sim wants to share their mastery of wellness with the world, and train a successor to pass on their knowledge.

Self-Care Specialist ~ This Sim wants to make it big with monetizing wellness activities like offering manicures or tending the message table at a spa.


There is no official career with this pack however there is ways to make simoleons.There are options on the yoga mat, massage chair and massage table, to promote on simstagram and tend the massage chaior and massage table to earn simoleons.

Yoga Instructor ~ There is a ‘Instructors yoga mat’ that you will need to purchase for §145. You can carry this around with you to instruct other sims. Sims can promote Yoga class on Simstagram and when they teach a class to the public others may joing the class, otherwise you can choose teach private class and then sims will come and pay §110 each, however the sims are not forced to attend. If not one attends a class then it is cancelled.

Massage chair and table ~ You can promote giving massages on simstagram or chose tend to start working that piece of equipment. you can also chose an option to offer manicures and pedicures for §40 and the other sim may or may not say yes.


  • When you arrive at the spa change into a towel using the lockers, otherwise sims will get manicures and pedicures or even massages in clothes including shoes.
  • If you sim gets a manicure or pedicure then they will wear off after 2 days, however you can also put them on in cas there wont be any buffs but they wont wear off.

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