How to start

This career is a Part-time job, you can join the career via the phone or the computer and is available to teens as well as young adults, adults and elders. There are no branches to this career and there are only 3 levels. All Part-time jobs are rabbit holes which means your sim will disappear off lot until the end of the work shift.

Cheat and Tips

Cheat ~ careers.promote PartTime_Fisherman

Tip ~ You can chose two different times to work when join the career 5am-9am or 9pm-1am.

Promotions 1- 3

1. Goldfish HunterPay: §33/hour
Hours: 5am -9am S M T W T F S
Promotion Requirements:
– Level 2 Fishing Skill
2. River WranglerPay: §40/hour
Hours: 5am – 9amS M T W T F S
Promotion Requirements:
– Level 4 Fishing Skill
Reward: Life of Fish (decoration)
3. Deep Sea Fishing MasterPay: §48/hour
Hours: 5pm – 8pm S M T W T F S
Promotion Requirements:
Reward: Swordfish Mounted

Gallery / Videos

Other part-time jobs

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