How to Start

StangerVille is a unique game pack that brings a story line to the game for the neighbourhood that comes with the pack. The neighbourhood is going crazy with unidentified spores and the lab is behind it.

When you first enter a household or place a sim in one of the homes, a card will show up to prompt you to start the story.

Note ~ This guide will follow the aspiration as this guides you through the story.

Note ~ All information will go to the notepad, which can be found by the phone icon.

Note ~ Make friends with sims as you go, at least 3.31

Bug ~ I ran into the bug where the fruit wont grow, each day go to the curio shop and it WILL appear there. You will need it in the last part of the story.

1) New Resident

  • Talk about strangerville with 5 sims ~ Talk to 5 different sims and you will get 5 pieces of information, check below for images.
  • Buy Curio from the Curio Shop ~ Over by the crashed plan is the Curio shop, There are several options ‘Talk about StrangerVille’, ‘Secret Inventory’ (which costs §1,000 and §2,000 for items with no names), ‘Buy Curio Items’ ‘Buy Clothing’.
  • Examine sealed door at secret lab ~ Travel to the Lab, once you have examined the door you will be prompted to look around the lab for more information. There are several stacks of books the will have glowing red outlines, search them for evidence. You can have the computers for evidence with Level 3 Programming skill.

2) Personal Spy

  • Gather 15 Pieces of Evidence ~ Take Pictures of the purple plants, search the piles of paper in the lab, search for evidence on the computers at the lab and talk to sims around town. Don’t forget to take picture of the lab door.
  • Compile a StrangerVille Secret Dossier ~ Once you have all 15 pieces of information click on the pile in your sims inventory and compile dossier.
  • Open the Sealed Door in the Secret Lab ~ Head to the bar and find a military personnel or scientist or go to the curio shop owner and become friends to get the keycard.

3) Pathogenic Investigator

  • Collect 15 Spore Clusters ~ You need to get a scanner from a military member, to do this, befriend, impress, seduce or bribe to get the scanner. Scan the floor, this will make spores appear on the floor. Next go to the analyzer in the basement of the lab and construct infection profile data.
  • Assemble the Hazmat Suit ~ Question a scientist by friending one, they can be found at the bar and will be wearing a white jacket. The next day check the mail and you will receive the hazmat suit. Next go to the Curio shop owner, ask them about spore in lab, then they will have a hazmat suit in the secret inventory option. Combine the suit with the filter to complete the part.
  • Traverse to the deepest part of the Secret Lab ~ Go to the lab, use the keycard and head to the basement. Once in the basement put on the hazmat suit on. Now you can travel through the lab with out getting possessed. There are 2 flights of stairs your sim will need to go down. then another door to use the keycard on. This will take you to the giant plant you need to defeat.

StrangerVille Hero

  • Vaccinate 3 Sims ~ You need to collect 15 more spores using the scanner on the ground. You will also need Bizarre fruit, you can get this by nurturing the plants outside, If they don’t grow (which they didn’t for me) the you can also buy them for §9 from the Curio shop. Next go to the lab or buy an analyser and make an experimental vaccination. Do this 3 times. There will be random sims that look possessed, click on them and test experimental vaccine, your sim will throw a drink in their face and then the sim will fall on the ground asleep. Now your sim can go back to the lab to create the cure. You will then need to get more spores and fruit. Then repeat the process and cure 3 sims.
  • Recruit 3 Sims to help stop the source of the infection ~ Ask the 3 sims you cured ‘recruit to fight mother plant’ you will need to be friends.
  • Defeat the source of the infection ~ Use the keycard to get to the mother plant. Make sure you sim has full needs, pregnant sims can fight. chose to fight with your team, your team will get a health bar so will the plant. There will be options on the plant mega stray, retreat, throw infection vaccine. There are also group commands. Possessed sims will attack you group members.

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For more guides and tutorials check out the home page and for more videos on all things sims related check my Youtube channel, where you can Find the through the ages original challenge, tutorials/guides, sims 4 short clips of the sims 4, as well as live streams every Monday and Wednesday.


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