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If your an animal lover then this aspiration maybe right up your alley, as with all aspirations this is going to take you through all things animal related. some traits to consider when creating your sims are cat lover and dog lover.

Trait Animal Whisperer ~ It is easier to Train and Discipline animals as well as gain relationship with them faster.

How to get pets

You could chose to create a pet in the create a sim by clicking the plus symbol in the bottom left of the screen and going to add pets, you can chose cat or dog and then their breed.

You could chose to adopt via phone. Once your sim is loaded into the game, go to the phone and click the house symbol and go to hire service. Scroll to the bottom and click adopt pet, this will then bring up a menu to adopt a pet. you can chose a couple and then once they arrive at your house can decide then which one you want.

Strays are new and came with cats and dogs expansion pack. Go to build/buy mode and in the top left of the screen click the house icon, this brings up a drop down which you can click the question mark and chose lot traits. there you will find, cat hangout, dog hangout and breeding ground. By choosing cat hangout or dog hangout strays can turn up, you can befriend these and adopt them when you have enough friendship (be warned pets can disappear off lot and come back owned by someone else). However if you go to Brindleton bay then there will be strays everywhere anyway.

1) Acquaintance of the Animals

  • Have a pet in your house hold ~ above I have already gone over how to get a pet in your household.
  • Be friends with 1 cat or dog ~ If you create the sim and pet at the same time, they will already be friends when you load in. Otherwise do friendly interactions.
  • Be friendly with animals 12 times ~ This will happen by being friendly with multiple pets or just one. I tested with country living animals to see if interacting with chickens and cows goes towards friendly interactions and it does NOT count towards.

2) Friend of the animals

  • Be friends with 5 cats and/or dogs ~ Pet’s will come to the house if you are in Bridleton bay, however you can speed up meeting pets by going to the public areas and there will be plenty of pets there.
  • Be companions with 1 animal ~ To do this be friendly with one of your pets and an option under friendly will appear to become companions.
  • Successfully train out 2 misbehaviours ~ because you can’t play as the pets (unless you use mods) you will need to wait for the pet to misbehave and tell not to do the action until they learn not to do it anymore. these maybe lecture about playing in trash or lecture about barking. It takes roughly 5 times lecturing about the same thing for them to learn not to do that behaviour. If your pet is a trouble maker then this one will be easy for you.

3) Best friend of the animals

  • Be Companions with 2 animals ~ Same as in the first part of the aspiration, keep doing friendly interactions and you will get the opinion to become companions.
  • Feel the love 5 times ~ Feel the love is an interaction you can do when you have done enough friendly interactions.
  • Successfully train out 4 misbehaviours ~ This continues the train out 2 misbehaviours above.

4) BFF of the animals

  • Play with 2 different Ghost Pets ~ There is a light house which you can visit but to the corner of it is a grave yard in Bridleton bay which has plenty of ghost pets in at 8pm. However if your pets die of old age then you will be able to interact with them.
  • Feel the love with 8 pets ~ This is the same as above but with multiple pets, you can feel the love with any pets that you do enough friendly interactions with.
  • Be friends with 12 cats and/or dogs at the same time ~ This will help if you have the traits loves dogs or loves cats as you will get the option to do the friendliest introduction option.

By completing this aspiration you will gain the animal whisperer reward trait, this means it will be easier for your sim to train and discipline pets as well as gaining relationship faster.

For more:-

For more guides and tutorials check out the home page and for more videos on all things sims related check my Youtube channel, where you can Find the through the ages original challenge, tutorials/guides, sims 4 short clips of the sims 4, as well as live streams every Monday and Wednesday.


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