There are many places in the sims 4 that allow Sims to woohoo. Having woohoo in the sims is the equivalent of adults in the real world having some hanky panky, adult time, making love, or any other word you can think of for “IT”. In the sims two teens can ‘mess around’ with each other if they have enough romantic bar, teens CANNOT mess around or woohoo with young adults, adults or elders.

Sims can ‘woohoo’ or ‘try for baby’, the sims fun and social needs will increase while hygiene will go down. Any two sims can woohoo (as long as young adult, adult or elder) of any gender or occult, sims have NO romantic preference.

To use the interactions you must have the two sims on the same lot and either click on the sims and under romantic click the woohoo option you want to use or click on the object you wish to use and chose your woohoo interaction from there.

In the sims 4 there are 20 different locations to woohoo by November 2021, Below you can find where sims can woohoo, an image of the action in game, a Youtube short of the action and a description of what packs you will need for the action.

1. Animal Shed

The Animals Shed can with Cottage living expansion pack and you can keep your cows or llamas in there, however your sims can also woohoo in there as well.

2. Bat form Woohoo

This Woohoo comes with the Vampire game pack, You will need 2 sims, young adult to elders who are both vampire and both posses the Vampire Power Bat Form. Then you can find the interaction woohoo as bats under romantic interactions.

3. Bush

The bush came with jungle adventure expansion pack and get together expansion pack, and will enable your sims to either ‘woohoo’, ‘try for baby’, ‘Fertilize’ (which means to wee) or Nap.

4. Closet

The Closet woohoo comes from the Get together expansion pack and is a big walk in closet that you can of course woohoo in, as well as plan and change your sims outfits. It can also be used to woohoo in, in public places.

5. Coffin

The coffin came with the vampire game pack, which let’s your sims become vampires, this also means sims can naturally woohoo in the coffin. However this is reserved for Vampires only and non-Vampire sims cannot woohoo in them.

6. Double Bed

As in all sims games, sims can woohoo in any double bed as long as both sims can get to both sides of the bed.

7. Dumpster

The Dumpster came with the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, and with it came dumpster diving and ‘Dive for Thrills’ in the dumpster, what else!

8. Dwelling

Star wars controversially the worst pack the have been created, when you get to Batuu go to the Black spire outpost neighbourhood, click on your beloved and chose woohoo in dwelling, then clock your camera onto your sims and this will be the easiest way to find the woohoo location.

9. Hot spring

The Hot spring comes with Snowy escape expansion pack and givers your sims a place to warm up and relax, but also (to be on this list) is a place your sims can have some adult fun! Just don’t forget to shower before jumping in (which you an also woohoo in).

10. Hot Tub

The hot is one of the oldest ways for this sims to woohoo, this is from the base game or the perfect patio stuff pack. You can also try for a baby in the hot tub. Best thing unlike the hot tub it doesn’t matter if your sims are smelly, they wont contaminate the water.

11. Ice Cave

The ice cave comes with snowy escape, when you go up Mt.Komorabi there is a cave where your sims can be naughty! To go you need to plan a social event and start a ‘Mountain Climb Excursion’. Be warned that you will need level 6 or more climbing skill to get up the Rocks.

12. Light House

The light house is located in bridleton bay which you get with The Cats & Dogs expansion pack. the light house is at the museum on the island. At the museum there is a light house to the right of the museum. The sims will go to the top of the light house where there is a door.

13. Money Vault

The money vault otherwise known as the Duck Security SCR009E Super XL Smart Vault, This comes with the Get Famous pack and the vault does require money in it to woohoo.

14. Observatory

The sims 4 base game comes with an Observatory which helps sims get abducted, also male sims will become pregnant if abducted. However sims can also woohoo in the Observatory.

15. Pile Of Leaves

With the seasons expansion pack comes leaf piles, which your sim can make in Autumn, below trees leaves will appear which sims can rake into a pile, sims can then woohoo with other sims in them.

16. Rocket Ship

The Rocket ship comes with the Sims 4 Base game, it costs §5,000 plus an extra §1,000 to start building, it also needs to be built. It has one of the more unique animations, as it does fly into the sky. See video below. You will also get an Achievement for 50-Mile-High Club.

17. Sauna

The Sauna comes with the Spa day pack, if other sims are in there they will leave.

18. Shower

Woohoo in the shower a base game Location, It is also one of the oldest locations in the sims franchise.

19. Sleeping Pod

The sleeping pod comes with the Get Famous expansion pack and sims use these as beds. They cost §3,500 and §9,600, it is a very similar animation as the coffin.

20. Tent

The tent comes with Outdoor retreat, Snowy escape and Journey to Batuu so owning any of these packs will give you access to the tent and the woohoo interaction.

21. Waterfall

The water fall comes with the Island Living expansion pack, the water can be located in the top area of the neighbourhood. You can also find frogs, shower, shower nude and play in interactions.

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