A sims can write the book by completing the writing skill and the best selling author aspiration, there will then be an option on the computer to write the Book of Life. The book of life is a book that will resurrect ghost sims. The book of life can only be used once however your sim can write multiple books of life.


  • Your sim needs to know the sim you want to resurrect.
  • Your sim MUST write another’s saga BEFORE they die!

Capturing a sims Saga ~ Once you have written the book of life click on it from either your sims inventory or by placing the book in the world. Next click Capture epic saga, this will bring up all the sims that your sim currently knows. One of Two things will happen-

Living sim ~ This will record that sims life in the book. By reading the book while the sim is alive, the sims needs will all be filled

Ghost sim ~ Once a sim your sim know is and you have written their epic saga, then you can summon them (this did take several times to work). Get the ghost to move in with you, (you can always move them back out later), then get the ghost sim to read their OWN saga. This should in theory bring them back to life easily, however I did experience a lot of issues with this and in the end I think I just got lucky.

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