What is it?

Bust the Dust kit is one of the only packs that will actually give you some new real gameplay. This Kit brings dust and so with it 5 vacuums to hoover, there are 4 stages of perfectly clean to mega dust for your sims home. Using the vacuum the sim will vacuum and the dust will disappear.

Of course there are some hiccups, like if your house is small then the sim may go outside a hoover the grass (in the rain), however a patch supposedly fixed this, it hasn’t completely gone away.

There are also the adorable Dust bunnies which can be feed, then befriended to find valuables on your lot. However you could also step on or vacuum them up.


There are 5 items in this kit and they are all vacuums. Two vacuums can be held in the sims hands and can clean surfaces and toddlers, while 3 are free standing, all can and will go into sims inventories and the sims WILL take them out and randomly vacuum all the time!

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