Everything here is open to change and only what i have found online and from the sims stream. I will update everything as new information is releases updated 18/02/2022 10am. Updated 11/03/2022

What is this pack

This game pack brings better weddings to the game. The game does have a wedding system in the base game, this consists of either eloping, or using the wedding arch to get married, currently you can make an event using the phone and throw a wedding at a venue or at your own home. There is a white ‘wedding’ cake that can be made for a wedding, and sometimes guests will watch a wedding in progress. There are certain items that can be crafted if you have the right packs, for instance the bouquets.

The release date is set for the 21st February 2022

Alert ~ most interactions do NOT work, the build/buy mode items are amazing and most of the cas items are ok but the gameplay features are broken. DO NOT buy this game for gameplay features until it has been patched. I will update here as soon as it is repaired with videos. For now here is a live stream of all items, cas and gameplay and what happened.

MOD ALERT ~ Carls guide a well known simmer and modder has already fix some/most of the gameplay features, you can have a wedding with features that do work. check out the mod here .

This pack will bring

  • Weddings venue
  • bach parties
  • rehearsal dinners
  • walk down the aisle option
  • eat and drink option

  • wedding cake cutting
  • Tartosa new world
  • City hall (allows sims to tie the knot)
  • gather for the bouquet toss option
  • tea ceremonies
  • an option to make guests sit
  • engagement parties
  • New tiered wedding cakes
  • throw rice option

Events ~ There are serval new options for event including cut the cake, give toasts, dance, speeches and toss the bouquet

Wedding Party ~ sims can add sims to do different job, like they can in other events, these include officiant, a Sim of Honor, a ring bearer and flower pals (flower pals are flower girls but can me male or female.

Wedding planning ~ This is when sims will choose all their options, this includes choosing wedding clothing, cakes including tasting and toppers and purchasing bouquets. There maybe more, if so then this will be updated.

Items ~

For more:-

For more guides and tutorials check out the home page and for more videos on all things sims related check my Youtube channel, where you can Find the through the ages original challenge, tutorials/guides every Monday, sims 4 short every Wednesday, as well as live streams every Monday and Wednesday.


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