What is it

This sim will want to make the best possible food including gourmet meals and showing off at dinner parties. By the end of this aspiration you have a thriving carer and several skills under your belt.

Reward Trait ~ Fresh Chef, Fresh chefs always make the highest quality food, and it never spoils!

1) Aluminium Chef

  • Cook 2 meals while Inspired ~ to become inspired check out Carls guide on moods
  • Cook 5 Excellent meals ~ Keep cooking and this will be achieved, being in an inspired mood will help.

2) Captain cook

  • Achieve Level 5 Cooking Skill ~ if you need help with the cooking skill or to see when you unlock different recipes then check HERE
  • Cook a Gourmet meal ~ Gourmet meals are under a separate menu on the fridge or cooker.
  • Earn Silver at a dinner party event ~ Throw a Dinner party and complete the tasks, once you have earned a silver end the dinner party to avoid getting gold.

3) Culinary Artist

  • Become an Adult ~ this is young adult or above.
  • Reach level 4 of the culinary career ~ If you need ay tips on how to complete the culinary career then check here
  • Create 3 Types of Excellent food ~ this is poorly worded, it just means cook 3 different meals that are excellent.

4) Master Chef

  • Reach level 8 of the culinary career ~ If you need ay tips on how to complete the culinary career then check here
  • Achieve level 5 Gourmet cooking skill ~ For any help on the Gourmet Cooking skill check here
  • Cook 3 Gourmet Dishes at a single event ~ start an even, any event and cook 3 gourmet meals while it is running. Don’t worry about entertain sims or completing tasks.

For more:-

For more guides and tutorials check out the home page and for more videos on all things sims related check my Youtube channel, where you can Find the through the ages original challenge, tutorials/guides, sims 4 short clips of the sims 4, as well as live streams every Monday and Wednesday.


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