Travelling to the Magic Realm

Traveling to the Magic realm ~ Go to the Glimmerbrook Map, there is a portal on the left hand side of the map. Go to one of the 2 houses which are closest to the portal, follow the river to the end and there is a portal at the end.

Tip ~ There is an Aspiration to go with being a SpellCaster Check Here.

Becoming a SpellCaster

Now you are in the magic Realm you will need to find a Sage who can make you a Spellcaster. Inside the building there are 3 sims, who have a symbol above their heads. You will be able to learn all the spells no matter who you chose.

Morgyn Ember ~ Sage of Untamed Magic

Simeon Silversweater ~ Sage of Practical Magic

L. Faba ~ Sage of Mischief Magic

Go to one of these and Introduce yourself to get an option to ‘Ask how to use Magic’, this will prompt a pop up, you can chose to start your journey to change you mind and come back later.

You will now Have to collect 7 Magical Motes, these are orbs that you can find on the ground outside the building. Once you have found all 7 Motes go to any of the sage’s to ‘turn in motes’


There are a few ways to learn spells these include Looking for Tombs, asking sage’s and more.

There are book shelves in the main building, which house tombs. Click the shelves and search for tombs, once you have found a book/tomb read it to learn the skill (however you must be high enough rank to read some tombs).
On your own sim there will be a new option of magic interactions, here you can chose the practice each type of magic.
Sims can also duel Sage’s and other spellcasters for Knowledge, this has a chance of unlocking a spell.
On each sage there is a magic socials menu, Ask to teach (untamed magic), (Mischief magic) or (Practical magic) will be in each sage’s menu.
The cauldron is where you brew potions, you will only experiment first and then be able to brew potions when you unlock the recipes.


On the needs menu there is now a ball at the top, this is your charge meter. If this fills all the way up your sim have a chance of dyeing from ‘Overcharging’, to stop your sim over charging then just stop them doing spells for a bit, this will deplete over time.

If your sims dies from overcharging they will turn into a ghost, with a trait that will stop them from over charging again.


There are many types of duels depending on your relationship with the sim you are going to duel, However the best thing about Duels is the fact that you can duel for

  • Heated Duel ~ This will have a negative effect of relationship.
  • Friendly Duel ~ This will have a positive effect on relationship.
  • Duel for Artifact ~ Win some wands or brooms
  • Duel for Ingredient ~ Win some potion ingredients
  • Duel for Knowledge ~ Learn some news spells


There are many objects that come with Realm of Magic.

  • Wands ~ Sims can use wands when using spells, once a wand is in the sims inventory you can choose when to use the wands.
  • Familiars ~ They are creatures that help your sim in duels, more information below.
  • Brooms ~ Sims can buy brooms, you can then choose to use the broom when traveling around. once a broom is in the sims inventory you can choose when to use the broom.

Familiars ~ You can find Familiars in the bookcases or by buying one in the store in the Realm of magic world. once you have bought one, it will go into you sims inventory, Click the familiar and chose bind.

Binding ~ Next Click on you sim and in the magic menu chose Familiars, now you can either summon familiar or unbind familiar, you can have mulitple familiars. You can also have a cat or dog become a familiar as well, pets will have sparks/sparkles that come from them once they are a familiar.

Duelling ~ When your sim has the familiar out the sim will be protected from death when duelling.

Personalities ~ As well as having unique personalities, these personalities are shown through comments you familiar makes in the notifications.


There are 6 ranks, each time your sim ranks up they will gain talent points towards unlocking new perks/abilities. You can unlock all perks/abilities, though you don’t have to.

For more:-

For more guides and tutorials check out the home page and for more videos on all things sims related check my Youtube channel, where you can Find the through the ages original challenge, tutorials/guides, sims 4 short clips of the sims 4, as well as live streams every Monday and Wednesday.


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