The new werewolves pack comes with some on the best clothing options to date (in my opinion), not just ripped and ragged clothing but also casual clothes that people would actually wear in real life. Clothes are also well layered and don’t (all) look like they are flat.

While there are Loads of items for adults there are (as always) a lot less for children and toddlers.

All Adult Hair styles

Upper Accessories

Styled Outfits

adult tops

Full Body outfits

All adult bottoms

Lower accessories


All Children

All Toddler


One response to “All Clothing from Werewolves pack”

  1. […] There are some beautiful items in this pack, with amazing textures and layers they are some of the best clothing we have had in pack. Of course there are plenty of options for adults with many of the items now being unisex, there are of course a lot less for children and toddlers. If you would like to see every cas option in the game check HERE. […]


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