There are 4 ways to turn into a werewolf, and below I will go over each way so you can do the best way for you.


Of course the first and easiest way to turn into a werewolf is by using CAS, go to create a new sim, Occults and chose werewolf.


Sims can be born as werewolves, they need at least one parent, then there is a chance that they will have active werewolf gene (they will turn into werewolves from teens).

If there gene is dormant then they can still pass the genes onto other generations, they can also activate their werewolf gene by swimming in the moonwood mill lake during a full moon.

Bitten / Wererabies

You can be bitten and be turned into a werewolf, this can be by asking another werewolf to bite you or by being bitten by a rampaging werewolf. The bite mark may glow red, then the sim will got through 4 stages of hunger, make sure you are next to the fridge as this hunger will go down rapidly and kill your sim.

Once your sims has been turned in any way, they will need to learn to control their changes, you can do this by having them transform from getting into a fight or by the full moon. Once they are turned you must lock them away in a room with no other sims, if they go through a change without scaring another sim they will be able to change at will.

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