Infants Overview

Infants came as a free update on 14/03/2023, this is a life stage between baby and toddlers and adds new interactions, new objects and a little more family play to the game, giving a much more realistic aging process. These infants act like babies who are learning to crawl rather than having a baby which jumps out a crib and starts walking around.

Infants do come with traits, however there are no skills to build or aspirations.

To Get an infant you can either, call the adoption agency or age up a baby.

Traits ~ Calm, Cautious, intense, sensitive, sunny and wiggly. These are the 6 traits that come with the Infants and will define how your infant interacts with everything around them.

Life lengths

Short life span ~ 3 day

Normal life span ~ 5 days

Long life span ~ 20 days


  • Bladder ~ Infants will use their diaper to go toilet, they cannot use a potty.
  • Hunger ~ Infants have new animations for the high chair, as they now get fed, ‘help bob try first baby food’ is now the option on the high chair. this will then bring a menu up of different food that will also tell you if they have tried the food before.
  • Energy ~ Infants now have their own cribs, there is one portable one for when your sims go on vacations. they can be read to sleep, soothed to sleep or left to fall asleep on their own.
  • Fun ~ there are cute interactions they can do with other sims like ‘play peek-a-boo’ with everyone from child to elders, as well as play with small toys and they come with 2 new toys, pictured below.
  • Attention ~ infants can interact with all other stages of life, they will ‘whats that’ to babies. they will babble or coo at other sims, while adult sims they can bite and ask for their needs to be met, this will all get up their attention need.
  • Hygiene ~ An adult will need to take an infant to the bath, the infant will then be places in a bath seat, where the adult will the wash the infant. Keeping the diaper clean will also help keep hygiene down.

Activities / Gameplay

Socials ~ There are new interactions that the infants can preform to every life stage, they also have new interactions to preform to infants.

Movement ~ Infants will crawl to move around, and will become more confident with this as they age. Adults do need to carry them up and down stairs.

Diapers ~ if you have the laundry pack then you can chose for your Infants to have cloth diapers. This will result in a laundry pile being produced each time their nappy is changed.

Items ~ There is a new cot and toddler bed that with handiness level 2 can be converted into the other, (pictured below).




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