Toddler stage ~ Guide

The Toddler stage is the second stage of a sims life and there is so much more they can do, and feel so much more alive than they did as babies. From having to learn motor skills to climb stairs and learning to use the potty there are skills you little sim can learn to earn extra traits. This is where to start if you want a super sim!

NOTE – If a baby, toddler or child is neglected then the social services will take them away, there is no way to get them back if this happens.

NOTE – unlike babies you can play as your toddler sim.

NOTE – If you have an adult sim taking care of a toddler that is not theirs then you can adopt as dependant. this works great for story lines where a parent might have a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Create or birthday or adopt

There are 3 ways to get yourself a toddler :-

Toddlers can created the in create a sim when you are making you family, (they cannot live by themselves). you can fully customise them or play with genetics, this will take the image of 1 or 2 sims of your choice and create a child from them. You can still fully customise them. Or you may chose to make a toddler then in the family option change them to child of. see images below-

Babies can become Toddlers from an option on the crib, check out BABIES here. However after 3 days on normal life span the will age up automatically.

The last way to get a Toddler is by adopting one using the the phone to ‘hire a service’ this costs §1000, a social worker will arrive with the child then click adopt on the Toddler.

Life spanLength
Short4 Days
Normal7 Days
Long32 Days


BLADDER – Toddlers have a potty skill, although can leave them to go Potty in their nappy, you could also buy a potty for §75 once a toddler has reached level 2 of 3 then they will take themselves to the potty rather than using their nappy, and can also go to the potty without help.

HUNGER – Toddlers can do many options, they can go to a counter and collect a plate of food, adult sims can pick them up and put the toddler in a high chair for feeding, or toddlers can be given a bottle of milk on the floor. A trick that can be used is to put lots of veggies and fruit in the toddlers inventory and then get them to eat directly from their inventory. If a toddlers hunger goes down too far then social services will take the baby away.

ENERGY – There are toddler beds that toddlers sleep in however they can also go for a nap in a large dog bed, If a toddlers energy is down for too long then the social services will take them away.

FUN – Toddlers can dance which will increase their movement skill, play with toys which will get up their Creative skill, Play with the block nest toy which will also get up their thinking skill or play the tablet to increase fun which will also help with all 4 skills Communication, thinking, Imagination and movement skills. I have guides on all these skills if you want to check them out.

ATTENTION – Toddlers need attention so get your parent sim so talk and play, any social interaction will get up a toddlers attention need as well as their Communication skill, toddlers can also interact with cats and dogs as well as other toddlers. You can get some really sweet moments, parents can also read to toddlers which also gets up a toddlers creative skill and their attention as well as fun.

HYGIENE – Toddlers will need bathing more than older sims because they will use their nappy to go toilet in to begin with. Toddlers cannot shower and need an adult sim to bath them, they can be bathed in a bathtub or a kitchen skin.

Diapers ~ if you have the laundry pack then you can chose for your Infants to have cloth diapers. This will result in a laundry pile being produced each time their nappy is changed.

Skills and Traits

There are 5 skills that can be learned plus 2 traits that can be earned. The traits are ones that are earned from learning enough skills, they will give learning boosts to the sim that they keep as they age up.

  • Happy toddler trait – gives 10% boost on all skills – Get 5 skills to level 3
  • Top notch toddler – gives 25% boost on all skills – get all 4 skills to level 5 and potty to level 3

Once your toddle is level 2 of the movement skill they will be able to climb up and down the stairs themselves.

There are traits that you can pick for you toddler when they age up from baby to toddler –


The Parenthood pack came with character values which will stay from toddler to teen, moving up and down depending on your sims behaviours.

As toddlers parents can go to the parenting option and teach to say ‘thank you and please’ and ‘sorry’ to put their manners meters in the right directs. Toddlers can also make a mess to make responsibility go in the wrong direction.

They will get either positive or negative traits depending on where the finish when then age up from teen to young adult.

Once your toddler is ready to grow up you adult sim can bake them and cake. Pick the option help to blow candles and the adult sim will pick up the toddler and the toddler will blow out the candles (its very sweet). You can do this at any time however will be prompted in the notifications when it is nearly their birthday. You can even throw a birthday party which is very cute.

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Baby ~ stages of life

The Baby stage is the first stage of life, They have a couple of cute interactions and will cry when they need something. Babies are tethered to the basinet/cradle and you cannot see their needs or inventory yet. They are classed as objects in the game and that is unlikely to change in the future.

Baby Stage

Short life span ~ 1 day

Normal life span ~ 3 days

Long life span ~ 12 days

There is no option to create a pregnant sim or a baby sim in create a sim. The stages start at toddler stage in create a sim.


There are two options for having the baby if you have get to work, you can have the baby at the hospital, where you also get a birth certificate. Otherwise when you sim goes into labour go to a basinet to have the baby. If for any reason you do not have the basinet after a couple of hours a basinet will appear.


In the Sims 4 we finally got breast feeding as an option, only the mother sim can breast feed, even if your male sim got abducted your male sim can not breast feed. When a mother breast feeds they will have mosaics so that the breast is not visible. There is still the option to bottle feed.


The baby will cry if it needs feeding, changing or attention. There are several cute interactions you can have which are pictured below. You will be able to see if they need a nappy change because the baby will cry, have green stink coming from it and the option will change to ‘change dirty nappy’ rather than ‘change nappy’.

To tell if a baby needs feeding it will cry and not need a nappy change, a good rule of thumb is when the baby cries because it needs a nappy change is the feed and play with it then it should fall asleep of just lay happily until it falls asleep.

Babies can be taken away by social services if they are not cared for and cry for too long. You will get a warning to care for the baby before they come.

Diapers ~ if you have the laundry pack then you can chose for your Infants to have cloth diapers. This will result in a laundry pile being produced each time their nappy is changed.

Quick ageing/Sending away

If you do not want to have a baby at any time you can chose to age up the baby to the toddler stage, the option is on the second page of interactions.

The Alien baby has an awful double cry that is ear piercing, there is an extra option for alien babies ‘send back to home planet’ they wont have existed at all they will no longer appear in the family tree.

If you have a baby while in university then you will be kicked out of shared housing, however you can still complete university from home.


Siblings may get moodlets when the baby is born, babies however do not get any moodlets. The moodlet is New Sibling and they may get sad, happy or angry for 2-4 hours.

Siblings can look at the baby


New BabyUgh! ChildrenChildish DrivelBaby Whisked Awayready made Kid
New SiblingNew SiblingNew Sibling

Toddler stage this way

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Pregnancy ~ Stages of Life

In the sims 4 there are 7 Stages of life that your sim can go through, from baby to elder and can even come back as a ghost. Your sim will unlock many new and exciting things as their life goes on. Even though Pregnancy isn’t a stage of life there is so much to it I felt it needed it’s own post. It should be noted that if you have the Get to Work expansion pack then you can have a baby at hospital, if you don’t then you will only have the option to have baby in the bassinet.


Your sims life begins at the very beginning in pregnancy, although this is not a life stage I felt it needed it’s own post, as there are several unique interactions you can have as a pregnant sim. Young adults and Adults can become pregnant no problem. While there is a slim chance an elder can become pregnant. A sim that is pregnant cannot age up, they also cannot use exercise machines while in the 3rd trimester.

Getting Pregnant

Once you have used the interaction ‘try for baby’ you can go to the toilet a select ‘take pregnancy test’ this will tell you if your sim is pregnant. Otherwise wait a day and then they will start to show. The sim will be pregnant for about 3 to 5 days.

Sims can also fall pregnant from alien abductions. This is how a male sim can become pregnant.

Sims can also use the phone to either ‘call adoption agency’ or ‘have science baby as single parent’, these cost §1,000 and §1,200 to have done, your sim in both cases will go off lot through a rabbit hole, and appear with a baby (or age chosen from adoption) back onto the lot.


If you want to have a girl with no cheats then eat strawberries and listen to pop music if you want a boy Eat carrots and listen to Alternative music.

When your sims find out they are pregnant they will tell the father, and as the tummy grows over the next 3 days the sim can Invite others sims to feel the baby bump.

Maternity/Paternity leave

The Sim can also have time off work when pregnant in the third trimester for 3 days, this is the same for the dad sim. When it is time for the sims to have family Leave a Notification will pop up saying ‘[blank] can now have family leave’. to do this go to the phone go to the work tab and then chose to take family leave.

Giving Birth

Once you have the notifications to ‘gone into labour’ either click the basinet in your sim home to have the baby at home of click the sim and chose ‘have baby at hospital’. You can send the sims alone or join them. You can then chose who goes with the sim. If you are not on the same household and you are playing as the dad you will get a notification to tell you your baby has been born.

If you chose to have the baby at home the pregnant sim will go to the basinet and moan and shout out and then the baby will be born. If the father is there then he will panic behind the sim in labour.

If you chose to have the baby at the hospital (If you have get to work expansion pack) then the a doctor sim will show your in-labour-sim to the surgery table, where they will pull all manor of things out of your sim (pictures down below). You sim will deliver their baby and it will appear next to you in a glass bassinet. As soon as the baby is born the mum will walk over and cuddle baby. Then the baby will disappear as soon as you go home the bassinet will be placed on the lot.

If you want to move the bassinet just go into the build/buy mode where you can pick it up. If you have the Baby at hospital then you will also receive a birth certificate.


There are several Moodlets that sims and sims around can get

Big NewsTroubling NewsFailed to ConceivePregnancy scare
Eating for Two2nd Trimester3rd TrimesterIn Labour
Pre-Parental PanicWeird Tummy AcheWeird Weight GainAbnormal Changes to Body
Imminent Close EncounterMorning SicknessConception Tension1st trimester
2nd Trimester3rd Trimester


Cheats for pregnancy

  • sims. add_buff buff_pregnancy_trimester1
  • sims. add_buff buff_pregnancy_trimester2
  • sims. add_buff buff_pregnancy_trimester3
  • sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_inlabor
  • pregnancy.force_offspring_count [sim name] [number of babies]

Next go to Baby Stage 😀

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For more guides and tutorials check out the home page and for more videos on all things sims related check my Youtube channel, where you can Find the through the ages original challenge, tutorials/guides, sims 4 short clips of the sims 4, as well as live streams every Monday and Wednesday.