Incheon Arrivals ~ Kit

What is it?

Incheon Arrivals is a kit that is £4.99 on Origin, steam and consol. Includes Mix and Match clothing with semi-formal and casual pieces. There are 22 new pieces of clothing, that are “inspired by Seoul airport fashion. Traditional Korean styles get a modernized twist for clean, minimalist looks in muted colourways.” as quoted from the sims game description. weather or not the sims team have managed to offend another culture is yet to be seen.

New clothing

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Through the Ages ~ A Sims History Challenge ~ Intro

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~ The history of through the ages

The history challenge is a very old sims 3 and 4 challenge first made by Snowie, then by CloudSeeker, with score sheets and word documents. This history challenge looks at different parts of history from all over time and places, starting with the stone age going through to the Future tech era. Then I found The Great British Sim challenge by EmersedCrown, which has a similar concept. This challenge goes through British history for 12 generations and looks only at the British timeline. This challenge also takes inspiration from the decades challenge and the rags to this challenge, however there are so many versions I couldn’t not find any clear original copy to link in.

~ Who am I?

I am first and foremost a mummy, beyond that I am a female in the UK who LOVES gaming! I run a Youtube channel Gaming with Char, where I play different games, however sims 4 guides and challenges dominate lol. I also run a  website where you can find all things sims 4 related, at some point in the future I hope to add other games like the sims 3, ark, minecraft tutorials/guides. Helping others is a passion and I hope one day (when I reach the sweet 4000 watch hours) to be able to do this full time as my job.

~ What you can expect from Through the Ages!

So here I am and I can’t wait to get started, I will be playing through each era before writing the next generation. I want to make sure that generations move forward in a way that feels natural and does not become repetitive or too easy (or hard). 

This challenge is designs to go through eras rather than generations so you could easily make this a 100 generation challenge as well. The era finishes when the goals are completed rather than when a new baby is born.

The first era is the Stone age and so this will be broken into two parts: the Emergence of the SIMS (this will be more a rag to liveable life), then the agriculture stage of the challenge)which will focus on getting a farm together). This I feel will give more story to the challenge.

You can also expect to go through every skill, aspiration and career in the sims 4 form all packs. If you do not have all the packs that is ok move on to the next goal, there should be a good mix so everyone can do something in all the eras. 

There will also be Stories, Deaths and Events in all eras, if you don’t fancy doing something that is fine, move on, everything is colour coded, which is explained below, so if something is upsetting or you just don’t want to do it, I repeat just move on! Lol. 

~ Colour Coded Events! 

Story ~ I am hoping to add in small story elements that may or may not be followed; they will be clearly lined out in a different colour of text.

Death ~ There Will be wars and plagues as well as Toddler, Child, Teen and mother deaths. No one is safe in these early eras, if any of these things will upset people then just miss them, this also goes for packs that you may not have, just leave those goals and aspirations. I will go through every single pack with what suits each era. 

There are also events that will happen in each era that will also cause death. using mods like mc command will greatly help. but if you cannot for any reason use mods then you can use cheats to delete dead sims. hold CTRL, SHIFT & C type ‘testingcheats on’ hit enter then type another cheat ‘cas.fulleditmode’ this will allow you to delete sims in cas mode as you would when creating a new family. 

Events ~ Events are things that may occur during each era, for instance in the stone age you will get the event Wolves, where your sims will have to fight off a pack of wolves, if they win you will lose all fish you have gathered.

~ Scoring?

There isn’t a scoring system, the one challenge that uses an in depth scoring system is the History Challenge. I found it hard to maintain filling it out and it is frustrating when you finish a generation and realise you haven’t tracked anything so I don’t have one for this one. However if YOU want a scoring system then you could do a point for every goal you complete. 

Baby ~ stages of life

The Baby stage is the first stage of life, They have a couple of cute interactions and will cry when they need something. Babies are tethered to the basinet/cradle and you cannot see their needs or inventory yet. They are classed as objects in the game and that is unlikely to change in the future.

Baby Stage

Short life span ~ 1 day

Normal life span ~ 3 days

Long life span ~ 12 days

There is no option to create a pregnant sim or a baby sim in create a sim. The stages start at toddler stage in create a sim.


There are two options for having the baby if you have get to work, you can have the baby at the hospital, where you also get a birth certificate. Otherwise when you sim goes into labour go to a basinet to have the baby. If for any reason you do not have the basinet after a couple of hours a basinet will appear.


In the Sims 4 we finally got breast feeding as an option, only the mother sim can breast feed, even if your male sim got abducted your male sim can not breast feed. When a mother breast feeds they will have mosaics so that the breast is not visible. There is still the option to bottle feed.


The baby will cry if it needs feeding, changing or attention. There are several cute interactions you can have which are pictured below. You will be able to see if they need a nappy change because the baby will cry, have green stink coming from it and the option will change to ‘change dirty nappy’ rather than ‘change nappy’.

To tell if a baby needs feeding it will cry and not need a nappy change, a good rule of thumb is when the baby cries because it needs a nappy change is the feed and play with it then it should fall asleep of just lay happily until it falls asleep.

Babies can be taken away by social services if they are not cared for and cry for too long. You will get a warning to care for the baby before they come.

Diapers ~ if you have the laundry pack then you can chose for your Infants to have cloth diapers. This will result in a laundry pile being produced each time their nappy is changed.

Quick ageing/Sending away

If you do not want to have a baby at any time you can chose to age up the baby to the toddler stage, the option is on the second page of interactions.

The Alien baby has an awful double cry that is ear piercing, there is an extra option for alien babies ‘send back to home planet’ they wont have existed at all they will no longer appear in the family tree.

If you have a baby while in university then you will be kicked out of shared housing, however you can still complete university from home.


Siblings may get moodlets when the baby is born, babies however do not get any moodlets. The moodlet is New Sibling and they may get sad, happy or angry for 2-4 hours.

Siblings can look at the baby


New BabyUgh! ChildrenChildish DrivelBaby Whisked Awayready made Kid
New SiblingNew SiblingNew Sibling

Toddler stage this way

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For more guides and tutorials check out the home page and for more videos on all things sims related check my Youtube channel, where you can Find the through the ages original challenge, tutorials/guides, sims 4 short clips of the sims 4, as well as live streams every Monday and Wednesday.