How to start

The Research & Debate Skill will give your sim the ability to Debate with other sims and will even allow your sim to influence other sims opinions. To start you can use the Podium, the research computer or a book to start learning the skill. All Items can be found on the University campus.

Levels / Rewards

Level 1 ~ Sim’s new skill in Research & Debate allows sim to build compelling opinions, backed by facts & figures. Use the Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine or a Mirror to build skill & unlock new interactions.

Level 2 ~ Sim can now finish reading books in less time. Sim can also Debate a Topic with other sims at a Podium Pair.

Level 3 ~ Sim now completes sim homework at an accelerated rate. Sim can prepare for a debate at the electromagnetic research archive machine & convince other sims to bathe or do a keg stand.

Level 4 ~ Sim will now gain more study progress while studying. Sim can now research more skills on the Electromagnetic research archive machine.

Level 5 ~ Sim is now more persuasive. Sim can convince other sims to do his homework and cook meals.

Level 6 ~ Sim now completes University Presentations & Term papers in record time. sim may also contribute knowledge on the electromagnetic research archive machine.

Level 7 ~ Sim can now use their persuasive powers to convince other sims to clean. sim can also convince roommates thinking of leaving the house to stay.

Level 8 ~ Sim can now Write & Publish research papers at a computer. sim will also gain skill faster while reading skill books.

Level 9 ~ Sim can convince other sims to go streaking. sim can also convince boss to give bonus on the phone.

Level 10 ~ Sim can have professional debate on a podium pair. sim can also give professional commentary at a podium or podium pair. these are great ways to earn a few extra simoleons.


Cheat / Tips / Mood

Cheat ~ stats,set_skill_level Major_ResearchDebates

Mood ~ Focused

Traits ~ Genius because you will need to be focused

Aspirations ~ Academic required Research and debate skill.

Tip ~ This skill is used for university and other than that isn’t really needed.

Tip ~ When using the podium at level 10 sims can earn simoleons.


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