Constance Huston ~ Sims Story

Constance Grew up in the Village of Henford-on-Bagley, every day was the same in the Village, same faces, same places, But with parents who adore her, who spent every moment tending to her but not spoiling her, encouraging her to grow and explore. This has lead to Constance being a bit of a geek with a quick brain and a fondness for family. Now she is a young Adult and she is ready to go to University and become an academic.

How will Constance adjust to the world outside? will she run home? Will she flourish? or maybe she will make unwise decisions with this new found freedom and no parents looking over her shoulder?

The Family

Meet Rebecca and Luis Huston, doting parents of Constance, they hope their little girl is not too naïve for the big world outside their little village. Waving her off as Constance embarks on her journey for knowledge.

1 month earlier

” mum can I talk with you please?”

“of course hunny, are you ok?” mum always looks so concerned when I want to talk to her, she makes me giggle.

“Yes, mum everything is fine.” I say with growing excitement! “I got accepted into university!”

” Oh, my god… Sweet heart that’s amazing we are so proud of you” my mum says with a big smile, but with sad eyes. “Luis did you hear that!” mum says with a disapproving voice, as he continues to read his book, laughing mum gives me a big hug while dad mumbles something about taking a whistle with me.

First day Nerves

The evening is coming down on Britechester as I arrive at the dorm room, Dam I’m going to have call mum asap.

OMG I was so so scared to meet my roommates, but they were super nice and super welcoming, I can’t believe it. I have even been invited out for a meal with them to celebrate our first week of freedom. This is going to be amazing!!!

I hope we are all best friends forever. Now to decorate my little corner of campus, with pictures of home. One day my pictures will be seen by the world!

First night

I could NOT sleep, what if I can’t do this…

Why did I take so many classes ? But this is what I need to do to make my dream a reality. I’ll teach the next generation, taking everything I have learned from my parents, and these amazing professors to become the best teacher ever. While of course taking pictures in Selvadorada, I will never live in a tiny village again I’ll travel the world.

I tossed and turned all night till eventually sleep finally took me. Hopefully I wake in time for my first class.


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