Stacey on Tumblr has a whole host of different clothing including plenty for the history challenge see link HERE

I got A LOT of cc here, it’s well laid out however there is a big index with ALL cc located and it can be a mind field to go through. But the pay out is worth it because she has so much good quality content, it would be nice if there were separate cc folders for each time period though. link HERE

Teanmoon has an amazing folder not loads but its good quality and one download, i was so relieved when I came across this one. link HERE

Sim ze zoo may actually have the largest collection of pre historic clothing available to date, good quailty, it fits well together, it a must visit site for anyone who is on the hunt for historical cc. Link HERE

This Tumblr page has loads off cc for all stages of historical challenges Here

Here is a new one I have just found for more stone age clothing, for toddlers and children too. HERE


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