World Rules & Set-up~ Through the Ages

World Rules!

  • The era finishes when the goals (or goals that are available to you) are completed. If you’re enjoying the era, then stick around for a while, and move on when you are ready. 
  • The sims are an accepting bunch, however through history racism and sexism have run through history, it is down to the player, YOU, if YOU, want to add it to your game.
    • You could choose to play with only the firstborn son as the heir as you go into new eras, until a certain era
    • Have children with only sims that are of the same ethnicity, until a certain era.
    • Religion has played a part in history, during certain eras sims will have the opportunity to go to church if you wish to follow this in your game.
  • When you move to a new generation you may wish to break away from the household that is fine, other options are, upping your max amount of household sims with cheats or keeping the family intact but playing through an ‘Heir’ sim, there really is no right or wrong way. you can also move as much as you want and where you want.
  • There is no score system; the idea is to go through the eras playing in different styles, gameplay elements and stories in a relaxed way. A no pressure challenge to have fun with, this also means you can drop any goals you don’t fancy doing and move goals around if you chose to.
  • A good starting place is Windenburg on the small island, this is because there are not many man made structures, however you can start where you want.
  • Use the #throughtheages (through the ages) to let others see what you have done and occasionally I’ll have a look at your creations, houses, rooms, households and maybe showcase them in future videos.
  • Throughout the eras you will complete every skill, aspiration and career in the game, so you can keep track here. If you get stuck on anything, head over to my website for guides on everything.
  • All sheets/table/checkboxes can be downloaded from sim file share here, don’t NOT redistribute or reupload as your own, I spent a long time making these sheets and would like to be credited.
  • Consider using the plum tree website to create a family tree that can track you families better than the ingame tree

Here is a map and how the worlds may connect, this could play a part in how your story runs. here is a link to the original website.

How to start your family and lot

Create a sim

Check the world rules before starting each era

We are starting off in the Stone age, 3000bce, early human and Prehistoric, you want to look for cc and wear clothes that are fur skin, not a lot of material mostly plain colours, wool effects. hair would have been wild and unkept, and sims would have been physically fit.

Check here for mod websites

How to set up the world/other families

Once you have set up your Family you will be able to set up the world, First if you are using mods like mc command center then you will need a laptop to set up your mod settings, you will also need to check your game settings to make sure everything is set the way you want it.

Families ~ Next delete all families or remake them in the neighbourhood you are starting in. Then delete or remake all the lots in the correct era. You may want to think about potential story lines you want ti play out.

Houses ~ It may take longer but you may want to do this through all the different neighbourhoods, but may want to wait until you are going to use the area.

Calendar ~ Delete all the entries you can, stone age people (where you start) do not celebrate anything yet! As the eras progress you will unlock holidays to celebrate. You wont be able to stop fairs however just don’t attend when they pop up in notifications.


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