Sylvan Glade is a beautiful secret area you can get from the Base game of the sims 4. You can find a tree in Willow Creek next to the Crick Cabana house, to the right of the house is a tree with mushrooms of red and blue around the bottom of the tree and climbing up its trunk.

How to Enter

To enter the secret location click on the tree and view it 3 times and then an option to water will appear water the tree twice and a new option ‘discuss nature’ will be available, do the next 3 talking options and the an opening will appear.

Card options

You now have an option to explore this will make you sim go into the tree. that

will produce card to pop up and for you to chose for different outcomes.

Follow Sound

Travel to Glade
Follow Downstream

The Area will now be open in this save game for all other sims and families.

Enter Mist

In the Glade you can find the Rare Treefish and there are many plants and dig sites to get more collectables.

For more:-

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