How to start

To start this career use the phone or the computer. This career is a single track which means there are no branches of the career. At the start of the work day you will get the choice to join or send alone, If you send alone the sim will disappear into a rabbit hole, If you chose Join, then you will go to the hospital and give them commands though the work day to complete the day. You cannot control other family members or switch between them during an active work day.

To Get a head start on this career go to university first a guide for university will come soon.

Cheat ~ Careers.promote doctor

Mood ~ Focused

Pack ~ Get to work

The Running of the day

Each work day is run as an event at the hospital, there will be a goal meter in the top left of the screen, which will give you 3 goals to complete, as you complete a goal it will refresh with a new goal. As you complete more goals you will go from bronze, silver and gold, the more goals you completed the better work day you will have.

It is best to follow these and not to do what ever you want if you want to progress through the career, It is also easier to get a diagnosis by following the goals set out.

At the end of the work day you sim will receive their pay and promotions based on how well they have done.

If you click on the timer for the work day that is attached to the event bar, you can chose to finish work earlier or work late.

Testing/Treating Patients

First to know is that when patients are on the bed they will have a heart above their heads, Red means they have been Diagnosed, While Blue means they have note yet been diagnosed.

To diagnose a Patient you must first examine patients, as you progress through the career more options will become available meaning you will get more accurate diagnosis.

In the earlier levels of the career, your sim will transfer patient cases so a ‘REAL’ doctor can diagnose them.

Check Eyes ~ Sim will shine torch in patients eyes

Check Ears ~ Sim will look into patients ear with an object sometime light will shine through the patients head.

Discuss General Health ~ Sim will just talk to patient.

Take Temperature ~ Sims will put thermometer in patients mouth sometimes the thermometer will pop.

Swab for Sample ~ In early level of this career it may take a couple of goes to take the swab. Once the swap has been taken, you will need to analyze patients sample.

Scan Body ~ Unlocked at promotion 3

Refer for X-ray ~ Sim will take patient to the x-ray machine

Refer for Treadmill test ~ Sim will take patient to treadmill

Once you have completed all of the available tests you will have a diagnosis, then just chose the last option available.

Here is an image I got online but could not find the original source (If you know where it is from originally please leave a comment at the bottom of the page).

Deliver a Baby

At promotion 8 you will be able to start delivering babies. A random event will happen while you are working, a pregnant sim will turn up and a pop-up will say Stork Delivery.

Find the Pregnant sim at the front desk and chose ‘Deliver baby at surgery table’. The 2 sims will then walk to the surgery table. The mum will lay on the table while your sims goes to the computer at the end of the bed, lots of glitching tends to happen here (pictured below), once the baby is born a hospital crib will appear and then quickly disappear.

House calls

On occasion your sim will be called to do house calls. Your sim will leave the hospital and go to the patients house then it is a case of doing the same things to diagnose the patient and then returning back to the hospital.

Career levels

1. Medical Intern§18/hour
7am – 3pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task :
-Actively participate in the work day of the detective 0/2
Reward :
2. Orderly§23/hour
7am – 3pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task :
-Treat 2 Patients
Reward : §192
– New Clothes
– Doctor Xavier Ray’s Display
– Not so blind eye chart
3. Medical Assistant§35/hour
8am – 4pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task :
-Treat 3 Patients
Reward : §256
– X-ray machines are now available to use at work to scan or examine patients.
– Give Medical Advice (Interaction)
– Give bad medical advice (if you have level 3 mischief skill)(interaction)
4. Medical Technologist§49/hour
9am – 5pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task :
– Successfully Diagnose and treat a patient
Reward : §312
– New clothes
– Defeat the darkness light
– Medical Treadmills can now be used to further examine patients conditions
5. Assistant Nurse§68/hour
9am – 5pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task :
– Successfully Diagnose and treat a 2 patient
Reward : §384
– restless thankless medical stool
– surgery tables at work can now be used to treat the most severe patient conditions
– you can now check hotness
7. Doctor – General Practitioner §135/hour
7am – 5pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task :
– preform surgery on 3 sims
Reward : §816
– New Clothes
– Seat of the health
8. Medical Specialist§195/hour
9am – 7pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task :
– Deliver a Bay
Reward : §1,136
– The Diligent doctor’s desk
– Sickness resistance trait
9. Surgeon§246/hour
9am – 7pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task :
– diagnose and treat 5 patience
Reward : §1,496
– Skelly Sim
10. Chief of Staff§280/hour
9am – 7pm S M T W T F S
Promotion task : Reward : §1,720
– Doctor career styled room

For more:-

For more guides and tutorials check out the home page and for more videos on all things sims related check my Youtube channel, where you can Find the through the ages original challenge, tutorials/guides, sims 4 short clips of the sims 4, as well as live streams every Monday and Wednesday.


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