Welcome to the 100die Fundie Baby Challenge! This challenge is played from the perspective of a religious Fundamentalist (Fundie) family. As a family, you are totally dedicated to The Watcher and following the literal translations of The Book. It’s your family’s goal to get an A on their Watcher Fundie report cards. Your founders never question their faith and obediently follow every rule, regulation, and tradition. They can’t imagine living another way. The most important rule of their faith is that they must have babies… A LOT of babies! (Think 19 Kids and Counting) The challenge is over when you reach 100 descendants. This is going to take multiple generations, so buckle in!

Disclaimer: disclaimer here first and foremost right away this is the Sims this is a caricature of anyone’s life any way that you play The Sims it’s a kind of Rosy version or it can be the worst version whatever you make this is not meant to represent anybody’s religious decisions or lifestyle choices this is just a way to have fun sit back and relax,

Who Created this Challenge

Erin the Rescue Simmer has recreated the 100 baby challenge, if you would like to see the original check here…, However if you want a brand new take on this original and well known challenge then keep reading.

Erin the Rescue Simmer is a youtuber who is amazing at taking challenges and taking them through a new twist, she is known for her 100 puppy challenge, She has a beautiful Idea for her future of her channel, where she helps real pets in the adoption system and donates to shelters through the earning of her channel.

Set up

In this challenge you will be creating your own religion, There is a mini guide below that can help you create your own, however you can also follow along with Erin’s gameplay style, if you chose to. Below is a short guide in how to set up your world.

What can your sims wear?

You can chose to have all your sims wearing certain items or in a certain dress style, or leave them as they are, if you want your sims always to wear formal outfits then you can do that, make any rules you want but makes SURE THE SIMS FOLLOW.

In Erin’s challenge she decided that her sims had to be very conservative/Legalistic, Females must cover as must skin as possible, wearing the old style dresses and skirts while males wear pants and shorts, its ideal to have tops tucking in but a button short is best, even infants must be dressed smartly. (you can see this and other creations in the sims gallery with this #100dieFundie)

What are your social rules

Social rules are a set of rules your sims need to behave by, this maybe never cheating on your spouse, it could be that your sims must attend a venue on a certain day, ways your sims must behave with each other for instance who cooks, who works ect. Below are rules that are followed in Erin’s gameplay.

  • Men only can have Careers
  • Men must make the majority of the household funds.
  • only male sims can do manual labour
  • females must maintain the house
  • Females can do light farm chores like cleaning animals collecting eggs and have relationships with animals
  • females must do the majority of child rearing, changing diapers, washing, feeding
  • mothers must only breast feed through baby and infancy
  • only male sims can approve marriages
  • both male and female sims can vote, but females always follow what males votes in neighbourhood votes (eco living)
  • females can earn money from flower gardening, or flower arranging, canning and selling canned good, knitting and cross stitching
  • males can socialize and play with their children, and can help with infant milestones, related to feeding

Making your Religion

You could do this in a couple of different ways depending on what packs you have, You could make a Club where you can decide where and what the sims in the club do or you could make an event in the calendar which you can decide on what sims do during the event and on what day it repeats. Things to think about:-

  • Do your sims meet in a certain building to celebrate a certain day of the week?
  • Who meets?
  • How often do they meet?
  • Do they give some of their earnings?
  • Are any Sexualities Banned?
  • What do they meet for?
  • Do they worship a Deity?
  • What object do they worship?
  • What are preferred traits?
  • What Traits are Banned?
  • what are the consequences for sims if they do not accept these ideals?

How Erin plays

Her sims met at a Baptist Church every Sunday, and for weddings, Through Clubs (get together). She will Have all of her sims go to the church where they worship a wall piece that has 2 doves and book on a stand from vampires (below are some objects you could use)


The gameplay is pretty straight forward, play the game with the rules you have decided on Of course there is a 100 baby element to this so your sims, (there is a 10 baby minimum Per generation), they will have as many babies as they can until they are elders and then according to your rules you need to decide who inherits the challenge.

Use a trait randomizer to decide on what traits sims get, (James turner has one) or you could you use a number generator for any decisions you dont want to make.

Erin has chosen to have her sims home-schooled, to accomplish this she has used the calendar to make an event everyday the children would go to school, called home schooling. instead of going to school, her sims will have to work on music, manners, gardening, cleaning and cooking skills and tasks.


You can start this challenge however you want to, be that using the money cheat, finding homes you like in the gallery, building from scratch or like me try to go the rags to riches route. Once you have your chosen home, it would be best if you don’t use the money cheats again.

You can have any style you want, all of this is down to your preferences.

Others who are trying the challenge


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